Reflecting on 2022
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2022 came and went in the blink of an eye. What a year it was! The Covid overspill resulted in a bumper year for wedding photographers. Even high-end photographers like us had to carefully plan and manage the number of weddings we took on. Our brand promise of providing a luxurious wedding photography experience to our IdoLife couples will always be our main aim and therefore we still limited the weddings we shot to 20. And did we have fun shooting them and sharing in all these momentous moments! We were so blessed to work with the most beautiful souls and enjoyed every minute thereof. From the spectacular panoramic views of the world-renowned Tokara Wine Estate, to the stunning orchards in full blossom at the exquisite Wildekrans Wine Estate, the luxurious Lanzerac and Nooitgedacht Estate in the heart of Stellenbosch, the beyond beautiful Johanensdal 1207 with its majestic views and even a “50 shades of grey” inspired newlywed session to counter the three successive storms that hit the Western Cape, we saw and experienced it all! It has and always will be a privilege and honour to be entrusted to capture these special fairy-tale moments. It is a responsibility we love and thrive on. To list all the highlights will be impossible. We thought we would rather share some of them in the beautiful images below along with some kind words from the amazing IdoLife couples.
Thank you to all the IdoLife couples that allowed us to share and capture their special day during 2022. Thanks for all the pre-wedding planning meetings, all the messages and reaching out to us for guidance and support, thanks for the in-person meetings over a glass of wine (or sometimes a cup of coffee), thanks for all the beautiful reviews and feedback and above all, thanks for trusting and allowing us to be part of your beautiful wedding day. You make everything worthwhile.

Kind words from our IdoLife couples:


This beautiful wedding was captured during 2022 and featured during 2023 on Chanel 147, DSTV as part of the EENDAG Season 3 program.

“From our first introduction where I met Christo, I knew that you guys deliver top quality results and that you have a great passion for what you do (if you do what you love you can see it, and I saw it first hand). My first chat with Christo went so well, he made me feel so comfortable, getting to know me and Nadine as persons, what we like and do for fun, getting a feel for how we are as people to gauge the shoot around that was amazing. It makes it feel more than just a business transaction, for me personally it felt like chatting with a friend. I forgot about all the other cameras around me for an instance.

You guys went out of your way to make photos fun, I never once noticed you looking at a watch, to me that alone speaks a 1000-words. You took what we said to heart and delivered way more than what we had expected. We cannot thank you enough for that, there is this one photo of us on the beach where for a second, we even forgot about the shoot, that pic alone captured everything we wanted.

I know for a fact that anyone wanting to use your service will not be disappointed. I truly hope that we can one day make use of your services again to capture our memories through a lens. You guys are amazing people and not just business wise, even after the fact still staying in contact, messaging here and there. Nowhere else will anyone be able to get such personal service. It is a great privilege for me to be able to brag about the pictures and memories you caught for us on our beautiful day, from the bottom of my heart to the top of the mountain, thank you so much!”


“These two people are absolutely wonderful. The effort they make to make the day even more special is indescribable. Wandi and Christo’s attention to detail is what makes them special. May IdoLife be blessed and capture many more special moments in your lenses. Thank you for amazing photos – memories for a lifetime!”


“If ever a moment in life was perfect …. IDOLIFE made that possible!! It’s not just a job …. it’s a passion, a way of life for them! They invest whole heartedly in your experience. Their beautiful souls are evident in the pictures! If there was a million stars! I’d give a million and 1! They have made a special day, extra special … they made imperfect moments PERFECT! THANK YOU SO MUCH!”


“Thank you so much for the photos and for finishing them so quickly! Omw these are absolutely amazing! We are so happy with the photos; we cannot believe how amazing they are!! Thank you so much again for everything you did for us to make our day so special, we really enjoyed it.

What can we say other than if you want the best memories to remember your special day, look no further than IdoLife Photography! Christo & Wandi are an amazing team who worked to the best of their ability to make our wedding day as memorable as possible. Come rain or shine, or in our case storms, they still managed to capture the beauty and joy we were celebrating. We highly recommend them for any event you wish to have remembered for the rest of your life.”


“They were very professional, organised and approachable right from the beginning. We are super impressed with the photos they took – they truly knew what would look good with our profiles and captured all the fun moments of the evening. Highly recommended!”


“Received more than our money’s worth from their services. Catered specifically to our needs and still found a way to go the extra mile. Received our sneak peek photos within a week and our full online gallery within a month.”


“My husband and I are incredibly happy with our photos from our special day. Wandi, Christo & Steve were exceptional in guiding & supporting us. Photos were beautifully taken, and it was more than we ever imagined. It was a wonderful experience and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone.”

Have a blessed 2023!

May the joy be with you!

Christo and Wandi

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