Christo's heart is happy when...

• He's got his camera harness on with his two cameras by his side
• Enjoying a bottle of premium red wine
• Waking up in a game reserve

Most Inspirational Couple

During 2017 we were awarded the Platinum I do Award for Most Inspirational couple.

Wandi's heart is happy when...

• Sipping on a glass of bubbly in the jacuzzi
• Indulging in dark chocolate and coffee
• Surrounded by animals, especially cats

We believe…

That all love stories are beautiful and deserve to be captured in a beautiful and timeless way. Photographs are the main source to bring back memories from your special day. Open conversations are an important facet to any professional or personal relationship!

Hey, we are Christo and Wandi, a husband-and-wife team, and together we are IdoLife! Lovely meeting you.

Christo, our lead photographer has been a photographer for 13 years and you will find his work canvassed in many homes. He has a passion for people and started his photography journey spending endless hours shooting portraits of models as well as honing his skills through his wildlife art, always in search of that perfect look and image.

Wandi, the owner of the IdoLife group and brand, apart from being one of Christo’s second shooters, is also a qualified image consultant and stylist, women empowerment coach and certified life coach. When booking us as your wedding photographers you will gain access to her wealth of knowledge and unique skill set. Apart from her role as 2nd shooter, Wandi’s role is to make sure that everything runs smoothly, everyone remains calm and relaxed and to handle whatever situations might arise on or before the wedding.

We are passionate and emotional about every wedding we shoot and if you watch closely, you will see a tear or two running down Wandi’s cheek (Christo himself is not shy to shed a tear or two…) when the bride walks down the aisle or with the father & daughter dances. These are incredible once in a lifetime moments and the honor to capture them is such a privilege that it is difficult not to cry… in a good way.

The reason we gravitate towards wedding photography is that we believe life is a celebration. We love finding beauty in the ordinary. What better way to serve and share our talents and creativity with the world than through capturing images of the special moments of wedding celebrations. We want to spread joy into the world by preserving your special day through beautiful images to last you a lifetime.

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  • We have a 5-star rating across all platforms including Facebook, Google and Bark.
  • Christo’s work was featured on Netwerk24 as he photographed the wedding of a well known actress who played the role of Kim in 7de Laan.
  • Christo’s work was chosen by a Croatian Poet to be displayed as the cover of her new book to be released during 2023.
  • Christo & Wandi’s work was aired on VIA-TV during 2023 as part of the EENDAG season 3 series.
  • Both of us are chartered accountants and are still actively involved in the finance industry.
  • During 2017 we were awarded the Platinum I do Award for Most Inspirational couple.
  • Wandi is a former Mrs Western Province 2nd runner up and was one of the finalist of Mrs Commonwealth SA 2017.
  • Wandi was interviewed and featured in the August 2022, Inspiring Women and Business Women edition of the PPMC Magazine South Africa.