No home is complete without a few beautiful wildlife and landscape canvases. It breathes life into every room and creates a unique atmosphere. As you browse through the photos that are currently featured below and the vast number of breath-taking pictures in the gallery you are sure to be mesmerised by the beauty of the amazing world we live in. Below you get to see Christo’s best work through his lens, and you cannot help but to be pulled into the story as he vividly describes the unique details as to how, when and where each picture was taken. His passion for wildlife is contagious, so enjoy the ride!


Few photos are so pleasing on the eye than that of an elephant portrait. The challenge when you are out in the field and they start to approach, is to find the perfect timing. You need to remain still long enough to get the picture and still leave yourself with sufficient time to get out of the way. Luckily, I got the balance right on this occasion. Its already soft downward gaze is enhanced by the beautiful eye lashes. One of my all-time favourite shots taken during June 2021 near Skukuza Rest Camp in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Africa Sunrise

Just before my May 2021 trip to the Kruger National Park, South Africa, a fellow resident of the estate we reside in enquired as to whether I had a picture for her of an African sunrise with the silhouette of a giraffe in the distance. I went through my library and realised that I did not have exactly what she wanted and made it my mission to take such a photo during my trip.

On the second last morning the sunrise was unbelievable. I stopped my vehicle and took 10 to 15 pictures of the two trees. As I changed lenses, I thought to myself that all that was missing, was a giraffe. After the lens switch, I could hardly believe my eyes as I saw the giraffe coming into frame from the right-hand side. I knew I only had a few seconds to make the shot as the sun was about to rise and change the beautiful orange and red into more “normal” colours. I have never reversed my vehicle that fast in the dark, but I knew I had to improve my angle to get the shot in before the sun took over. In the end I managed to make the shot with a second or two to spare. It is rare that you have a picture in mind and then somehow the stars align to bring you exactly that.

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The Olympian

During a visit to the Lower Sabie Rest camp in the Kruger National Park I was told that there was an Impala hanging from a tree not far from where I was taking some sunset photos. I rushed to the sighting and started scouting for the prime suspect (leopard).

It was getting very late, and the assassin was nowhere to be found. My wife was getting anxious as by then we already knew that we would not be able to return to camp in time before the gate closed. I told her to give me just two more minutes to see if something happened. By then all the other vehicles had left and it was getting dark quickly as it was mid-winter.

After two minutes, as agreed, I started driving back to camp. Suddenly I saw the leopard approaching the tree closely followed by two hyenas. I hit the brakes (luckily still had the camera ready) and managed to get a couple of shots in before it was pitch dark. I will never forget the speed at which the leopard climbed that tree. It looked like an Olympic swimmer competing in the 50-meter breast-stroke final. It was spectacular. Although I got a harsh talking to and stern warning at the gate (well deserved), the fond memory of that early evening in July of 2014 more than makes up for it.

Stronger together

It was a late afternoon drive during my visit to the Addo Elephant Park, South Africa, during May 2019, when I was stopped by an approaching vehicle. The two men in the vehicle had big smiles on their faces and told me that about 100 meters from the exit gate I will find two large male lions next to the road. As lion sightings in the Elephant Park are few and far between and based on their smiles, I assumed that they were joking and drove on as per normal.

A few minutes later I quickly realised that they were serious... Walking down the middle of the road, straight towards me, were the two most impressive male lions I have ever encountered. They walked so close together that it seemed they were holding hands. After taking a second or two to calm down I switched lenses, reversed about 200 meters, and parked my vehicle across the road for the best possible angle.

All worked out well and the friendly lady at the gate did not object to me pushing the boundaries by a few minutes.

Elephant cloud

It was a cloudy afternoon during a trip to Berg-en-dal Rest camp in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, in early June 2021. The Park was experiencing higher rainfall and colder than normal temperatures during this period which resulted in some interesting scenes.

When I found this herd of elephants crossing the road, I just had to get it on camera, especially when I noticed the formation in which they moved. The two younger ones were being carefully protected by the two males to their sides. Some artistic impression added during post-processing further enhanced the dramatic natural contrast created by the weather.

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